ISOS-8 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
29th Sep – 1st Oct 2015

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Organic and hybrid photovoltaics (e.g. perovskites) have the potential for lower cost solar electricity as well as numerous new applications, where product low weight, conformability/flexibility, different forms and colours would be an advantage. Currently the main bottleneck for commercialization is durability.

The International  Summit on Organic and Hybrid Photovoltaic Stability (ISOS) has been running since 2008 and has become one of the most attended workshops in the field, bringing together an expert community both from industry and academia. ISOS meetings have been held yearly and have led to numerous publications, including the so-called ISOS testing protocols for characterization of solar cell durability.

Previous meetings took place in: Colorado (USA) 2008, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) 2009, Roskilde (Denmark) 2010, Colorado (USA) 2011, Eindhoven (The Netherlands) 2012, Chambery (France) 2013, Barcelona (Spain) 2014.

Past ISOS meetings